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    - Pretty Scary
    by Don Endriss
    Moooo Hoo Hoo Ha Ha Ha

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    "I Tried, Again" by Bob Harvey
    Razor Blades and Sleeping Pill Records


    DAW - Digital Audio Workstation

    WDAW Plays Your Music:   Tired of listening to the same old grind, got something that is better than what's out there? Then send us an e-mail with a link to your music and we'll get your song into the rotation. We are musicians with digital audio workstations and love to make our own music. This is a ground floor opportunity, and we welcome all genres of music. It's time to let others hear what you got, and we want to help you accomplish that.

    Submitting your songs:   Are you angry and wanting to complain, then please click the link to Bob's e-mail and remember not to hold back; let it all flow out and remember, Bob has incredibly thick skin, so nothing you say, nothing, will bother him. If you're a beautiful stripper in the portage lakes Ohio area, that's had a little too much to drink and is feeling a little frisky, well then you should click on Don's link. Oh yeah, if you want to submit a song, you can send the link to either of us and we'll have a listen.
    Supporting our community:   All we ask is that you make sure you are submitting your original music, nothing associated with ASCAP or BMI. We hope that you also send us a mp3 tag for the site. Maybe say something like, "I'm XXXXXX and you're listening to WDAW," and then we can slide in your song. We will try to work out the schedule so that you can have your sound system blasting and set up for company to hear. If you can make a few posts about us and link back to our site, then that would be repayment enough.

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