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simpletonguru - BlueChristmasLights

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  • #1 - simpletonguru
    Stone Sour Sunday Mother

  • #2 - Russ Nelson

  • #3 - Don Endriss
    Pretty Scary

  • #4 - Rickey's Tara
    Remember You

  • #5 - Max El Belga
    Mystical Functional Dance


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WDAW Plays Your Music:   Tired of listening to the same old grind, got some home made music that's better than what the local station is playing? WE ARE musicians with digital audio workstations and love to create our own music. We welcome all genres of music, mix it up. WDAW.com lets others hear what you've got, and as musicians we love new tunes. Years ago song writing musicians had to rely on other musicians and recording studios to create the sounds in their heads; now with the emergence of Digital Audio Workstations anyone can virtually create and produce their very own songs.

Submitting your songs:   All songs must be submitted in MP3 format and properly tagged. If you don't know how to tag your songs, then download Audacity and open your MP3, go to "Project" and then "Edit ID3 Tags". Fill that out with your song's information and SAVE it, THEN you are done. Keep in mind that you can only submit original music, your music must NOT be under any contract with BMI, ASCAP or other music rights group. Just go to the services section and fill out our form, we will review it and send you instructions on where to send your MP3's for inclusion into our rotation.
Supporting our community:   We're working hard to develop our data base system to work with the programming we are writing for the final release; it's going to be a great thing for independent DAW musicians who want to sell MP3 downloads of their songs directly to the public. If you can help spread the word by posting a positive review about our station or maybe mentioning us in conversation when talking to your music buddies, we would appreciate it. If you have any ideas or concerns please contact us so that we may address them.

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